How contagious is pink eye

How contagious is pink eye

How contagious is pink eye

How contagious is pink eye? Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, causes inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membranes that line the eyelids and cover the whites of the eyes. A viral infection most often causes it, and children can be especially susceptible because they haven’t yet developed a complete immune system.

How Contagious Is Pink Eye? Everything You Need to Know

The question of, how contagious is pink eye? Here’s what you need to know about this common but uncomfortable condition. Pink eye can be transmitted by coming into contact with someone who has it or by touching a surface that someone with the infection touched before them. It can also be transmitted through droplets of mucus in the air breathed in and down the throat. In other words, those little kids who spit on people are being downright nasty! You’re not likely to get it from touching your eyes without also touching an infected person or surface first, so while it’s always best to wash your hands after using the bathroom, make sure you’re not shaking hands with a kid who just wiped his nose on his sleeve either!

Is Pink Eye Contagious? How to Avoid Spreading It

Pink Eye (or conjunctivitis) can be either viral or bacterial, with viral pink eye being the most common type. Here are some important tips for avoiding spreading it to your friends, family, and work colleagues:

1. Avoid touching your eyes. If you must touch them, wash your hands before and after.

2. Wash all your towels daily in hot water and bleach – no detergent, as that spreads germs!

3. Change your pillowcase daily or every other day if you sweat a lot at night; if you’re sick, ensure it’s washed on a high setting at least weekly in hot water with bleach

4. Wash any household surfaces such as counters and tables using dish soap and hot water.

Is Pink Eye Contagious? How to Avoid Prevent It

There are two main types of pink eye: bacterial and viral. Pink eye can be bacterial or viral, or it may have an unknown cause. Viral forms of this disease usually clear up within 2-3 weeks, while a bacterial infection will take about 2-5 days to clear up after starting the treatment. In both cases, the typical symptoms are watery eyes, swollen eyelids, and blurred vision. 

To avoid getting the disease in the first place, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before touching your face, especially after touching any contaminated surface. Also, ensure that family members wash towels daily since they can harbor bacteria and viruses.

How Contagious Is Pink Eye? Protect Yourself and Your Family

Over a hundred different types of viruses can cause conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye), and the most common include adenovirus, coxsackievirus, enterovirus, influenza virus, and rhinovirus. You are most likely to catch this type of infection. If you have been touching or rubbing your eyes or sleeping with your face close to someone who has it. Symptoms occur quickly after exposure to the virus, but in some cases, they may not be present for up to two weeks. Unfortunately, there is no cure for pink eye. So practicing good hygiene habits is the best defense against catching it yourself or passing it on to others. Like washing your hands frequently and avoiding contact with infected people when possible.

When to see a doctor

Pink eye is a term used to describe inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva, the outermost layer of your eyes. Depending on which type you have, pink eye can be very contagious. The best way to avoid getting sick with pink eye yourself (or passing it on) is by practicing good hygiene and avoiding those known to have it. If you think you might have contracted this infection, contact your physician for diagnosis and treatment instructions as soon as possible.

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