History of Dubai

History of Dubai

History of Dubai

Dubai is a famous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also known as Dubayy. The history of Dubai city is that it was established in the 18th century as a small village. This city grew very rapidly in the early 21st century with a focus on tourism and hospitality. It is famous for its beauty. In addition, it is the world’s most popular holiday destination city. Where thousands of tourists spend their holidays in Dubai. This city is a mix of cosmopolitan lifestyle and local culture, as well as the city is having the second most five-star hotels in the globe.

Furthermore,  Dubai also has the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. It is situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Dubai aims to be the business hub for the whole of Asia. It is also a main world transport hub for passengers and cargo. Oil revenue helped the city to accelerate the development process. Dubai’s economy relies on oil, trade, tourism, real estate, and financial services. The population of this city is around about 3.5 million as per the 2021 report. In recent times, Dubai has been compared to Singapore and Hong Kong.


The character of the Dubai city

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, beaches, hubs, business, and tourism. The atmosphere of Dubai is generally tolerant. Religious affiliations are not a prominent aspect of this city. Islam is the majority religion. Dubai is a crime-free city.


Landscape of Dubai

The major area of Dubai benefits from small stretches of sandy beaches, which helped the city’s tourism industry. Due to the absence of a natural offshore island, developers encourage to construct the giant man-made island. Because Dubai is a sandy place. So, it was a challenge for the constructor to construct the building. Furthermore, the most famous is Palm Jumeirah, just like the shape of a palm tree.

Climate of Dubai city

Dubai has a very hot climate. Humidity is high in the air and moderate in winter. The coldest month is January at 15 oC and the hottest month is July at 40 oC temperature.

Finance and other services

Dubai relies on oil, trade, and tourism. But there are also many other financial facilities available in Dubai. Especially Dubai is the best city for investing money. Dubai attracts foreign investors. 


Many investors purchase property on lease for 99-years and start their real estate businesses. And there are also many other financial structures available that will benefit investors.

Dubai Government

The institution of Dubai is Dubai Municipality. And it is managed by a director-general, who is accountable to the chairman of Dubai Municipality.

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