Graphic design is my passion- Meme

Graphic design is my passion

You’ve probably seen this meme before, with the text graphic design is my passion in bold all-caps text over top of an abstract image with text in it. The idea seems to be everywhere nowadays, but what does it mean? And how did it get started? We break down the history and meaning behind this popular meme in this article about graphic design and passion.


Origins of the Meme

In the 1980s, graphic design was an emerging profession. Many graphic designers’ jobs consisted of making logos for companies or designing a package for a product. There were not as many opportunities available, so when one opened up, it was highly competitive. To get hired, you had to produce great work quickly and show that you could take on various tasks to make your portfolio more appealing. This is where the phrase graphic design is my passion came from. It represented how passionate these designers were about their work.

Graphic design has evolved, and the word still lives on today but with a different meaning. It no longer represents one’s love for the profession but rather a way to express oneself creatively through visuals. You might see this on social media if someone posts something they made or have been working on (a meme, painting, drawing). It can also be seen used ironically as well—i.e., I know graphic design is not your passion because. Good luck finding yours!


Where did all this come from?

Graphic design is my passion and is a popular meme on Tumblr. It features an image of the word passion written in Comic Sans, accompanied by text that reads graphic design is my passion. The meme began circulating in 2014, as many online communities argued about whether graphic designers should have to be licensed professionals. Graphic designers created this meme to express their love for the profession and prove that they are qualified to do the job without formal training. This sentiment was criticized, mainly by people who use copyright-protected fonts or would instead not associate with Comic Sans. 

The graphic designers who made this meme can be seen as using self-deprecating humour in response to those who don’t take their work seriously.


The Message Behind the Meme

Designers are passionate about their work; the best way to show this is through a meme. Graphic design is my passion meme has been around since 2014 when designer Zoe Adams created it. To her, it was a way to show how designers are passionate about their work. It shows that the creator is not just designing for the paycheck but because they love what they do. The meme is also used to differentiate between graphic designers who only do freelance work versus those with a design-related job. To create the meme, one needs Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator as well as typography skills to change text into an artistic font.

The Impact of the Meme

Originally posted in 2014, this meme has resurfaced many times. The most prevalent version is a photo of a white male teenager wearing an oversized graphic tee with the words’ GRAPHIC DESIGN IS MY PASSION’. This phrase’s meaning varies depending on who sees it. For some, it is just a slogan to show that they are passionate about their job. On the other hand, others see this as ironic because it shows a lack of diversity in the design industry.

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