Giraffe woman

Giraffe woman

Giraffe woman: When you think about giraffes, you probably picture them as tall and elegant, towering above other animals as they gracefully reach up into trees to get their food. They’re seen as some of the most graceful creatures in the animal kingdom and certainly one of the largest land mammals, thanks to their long legs and necks that stretch upwards into the skies. While that’s true, there’s much more to know about these beautiful creatures besides just those two facts!

What is a Giraffe woman?

The Giraffe woman is a new brand of animal-themed women’s clothing. You can find everything from sweet giraffes to fierce leopards! We are constantly adding new styles, so check back with us often. New techniques are constantly added, so bookmark our site for easy access. For those who don’t have the extra cash, we also offer store credit for clothes that have yet to be used in exchange for other items. For those who want to stick around and talk about Giraffe Woman, we welcome you as well!

Giraffe Woman Before And After

Sydney Smith is a woman in California who names herself the Giraffe. She has been obsessed with Giraffes over these years. She has dreamed of elongating her neck after wearing heavy metal rings for years. Moreover, She does this as she is known worldwide for her long neck.
Sydney Smith is a Giraffe female who is 34 years aged. She was screaming herself a Giraffe female earlier. She liked to keep a long neck like a Giraffe. Furthermore, She used the tribal copper rings to stretch her neck up to 11 inches long. In some African and Asian civilizations, somebody wore neck rings to assemble them look like the channel had been elongated. The neck rings push the ribs and clavicle downwards.

Why did Sydney become Giraffe Woman?

Sydney got motivation from Kayan someone in South East Asia. The Kayan people in South East Asia are known for elongating their necks with coils made up of brass. Sydney made her rings and had wasted five years putting more items, by which she tried to elongate her collarbone. She made her stack of 15 rings to the weightiest, which is considered a spectacular 5lbs.

Her Current Situation

Currently, Sydney had quit her search, considering her life had become ruined by the rings. She said that she could not function properly. She said she could not work correctly as a long-neck woman with fifteen rings on her neck in the USA. Then she added that if you are interested in isolating yourself, then you need to leave the house and don’t ever need to drive, then maybe you can pull it off.

How is Giraffe girl now?

Sydney Smith has ultimately removed all the rings from her neck. She completed a speedy recovery. Finally, having a child made her feel the fitness issues over the rings. While she is recognized as the Giraffe Woman, even now.

Why Giraffe Woman Is the Unique Creature on Earth

I am a giraffe woman. I was born in the hills of Kenya, raised on a farm, and now live in the UK. It’s been an incredible journey, which I love to share with people through photography and writing.
I’m not your average giraffe woman, but that makes me the unique creature on earth! As the world’s tallest animal, reaching heights of up to 19 feet tall at times, it would be hard for me to hide anywhere. That is why I don’t worry about anyone knowing who I am – it would be impossible for them not to! But plenty of other things make me different from other giraffe women as well. For one thing, while some giraffes can change color depending on where they live or how hot it is outside, my coloring stays like this all year round. So if you see someone walking down the street wearing red and green striped socks and orange shoes, you’ll know that it’s probably just a giraffe woman like me!


If you are a giraffe woman, you need to know that even though it is hard and not everyone understands, people out there will love you for who you are. Always remember that giraffes may have difficulties along the way, but they can still do anything.

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