Gift for dog lovers

gift for dog lovers

Gift for dog lovers

That’s right, and it’s the pet lover’s gift of all gifts! As our Christmas gift to dog lovers everywhere, we’re giving away to one lucky winner an ASPO Pet Bottle, the perfect solution to all those pesky trips to the water bowl throughout the day. These BPA-free bottles are explicitly made with dogs in mind and are available in small and medium sizes, plus any color you can imagine! Best of all, they fold up neatly for easy travel, making it possible to take your favorite furry friend on even more adventures this winter! So here, we will discuss Gift for dog lovers



AsobuBottle loves our pets and wants them to live longer lives, and that’s why we developed Pet Water Bottle 2.0 with two filters, which will help remove 99% of common pollutants in tap water before they reach your pet’s mouth. Pour tap water into an AsobuBottle pet bottle, let it sit for a few minutes to allow its proprietary filters to do their job, and then give your pet access to clean, healthy water whenever needed! No more frequent trips to carry bowls of bottled or filtered water because now you can have safe drinking water right in your home! Now, everyone can enjoy free time with friends and family while Asobu Bottle ensures that you always have safe drinking water!


Dog Owners’ Favorite Gift: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

Dog owners need to keep their furry friends hydrated on long walks, but finding a place to refill water bottles along a route is often challenging; that’s where Asobu comes in. The portable outdoor bowl and water bottle allow you to give your pet fresh drinking water without carrying an extra bottle or worrying about an additional bowl slowing you down. Just fill up your Asobu before heading out and let your pooch drink while you walk—no more carrying heavy bottles, leaving bowls behind, or rushing home to fill a bowl before another adventure!


Some of the best gift ideas for dog lovers 

Finding gifts for my furry friends can be difficult as a fellow dog lover, mainly because each has a distinct personality and needs. As you may have guessed from its name, As a So-and-So Bottle is perfect as a gift idea for anyone who owns a pet — or even someone who wishes they did! The company sells solid pine wood custom water bottles featuring any breed of puppy or kitty your little heart desires — even infrequent ones! No two bottles are alike, which makes them unique and unforgettable gifts.


More dog gift ideas

Making a homemade gift is often more meaningful than a store-bought present. If you’re looking for something your friend’s pup will love, look no further than his favorite toy or treat—with a DIY twist! For example, consider upgrading a ball with peanut butter by wrapping it in nylon webbing that you can sew on yourself (and then remove to wash). The same goes with tennis balls: make an upgrade by sewing them together into one more giant ball, so they won’t be lost under furniture or pillows where they can be hazardous to your pup’s health! Or fill up a kong toy with their favorite doggy treats and snacks.

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