E-commerce website design and development

E-commerce website design and development

Step of E-commerce website design and development
1. Purchase a Domain name

                                              A domain name is the part of the URL or slug that has the name of your business. In addition,  It’s pivotal to have a good domain name as it builds trust. Furthermore,   You can purchase a domain name from sites like GoDaddy, HostGator, and Bluehost. In addition, in your domain, you can do E-commerce website design and development
2. Find the website builder that fits your need
                                                                    The biggest CMS platform is used to create an E-commerce website.  So, let’s list the best tool for your online store development.
. Shopify
          The best e-commerce design and development platform are Shopify. Furthermore, It has the best features to help you develop a valuable online store. So, it has to sell products across many social platforms.

. Wix
      Wix is the best for small businesses and startups. Additionally, it has 510 templates that suit all like sports and beauty. So, all the templates for mobile use.
Moreover, other features include adding products and videos.

. BigCommerce

                        Another platform for your eCommerce site is BigComerece.In addition. In addition, It creates a valuable Website.

E-commerce website design and development Big commrece
. WooCommerce
                        WooCommerce is the best platform to develop an eCommerce site. In addition, save time using adding and removing products in Woocommerce.

E-commerce website design and development Woocommrece

3. Select the template of your website
                                                          You can use a free WordPress theme to develop your website. In addition, features are the key to a good website. So, communicate and decide which point is more important for your store. Furthermore, the homepage is the first thing consumers will notice about your commerce. So, make sure that the chosen template does equity to it.

4. Customize the template
                                        After choosing the template, the E-commerce tools allow the user to customize it. In addition, you can customize anything according to your will.
. Text size, color, and font
. Color of the theme
. Uses of images
. Product position

5. Add the product

                        After website customizing, it is time to add the product to your website. In addition, you must add these details to your product. In adding products, don’t use long sentences to describe products in the description. Furthermore, the product description should also be SEO optimized. So, the image used should be high in quality.

6. Payment method
                              Online stores will be incomplete without a payment method. Thus, they connect the user directly to PayPal, debit card, master, or visa card for paying. For instance, customers worry about security. So, the website builder tools use SSL certificates to secure the website.

7. Shipping setting

                            Now, to set up the shipping setting. So, there are you can deliver the product on your website. In addition, the shipping zone does you want to cover. Now, is how you can ship products to different zones:
Free shipping
Flat rate


8. Setting for the above
Select the language that the customer will see on the website. In addition, the currency you want to deal with a customer. Additionally, contact information and address of the main offices.

9. Text the website
                            The last step before publishing your website is to test it. In addition, any issue can depend on user experience, so be careful. For instance, user experience depends on your website speed. 

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