Different Types Of Health

Different Types Of Health

Different Types Of Health

The word health refers to complete emotional and physical well-being. Good health is important to handle stress and live a longer life. Moreover, If you are healthy then you can do your work properly. There are different types of health that a person needs to consider for himself.

There are Five types of Health;

  1.  Physica
  2.  Emotional
  3.  Social
  4.  Spiritual
  5.  Intellectual

Physical Health

Physical health defines as the absence of disease or severe illness. Condition of our body taking into consideration from the disease to fitness level. The World Health Organization has also expanded the definition of health beyond sickness and disease. The WHO defines health in the sense of the overall health of a person, physically, mentally, and socially. Furthermore, these aspects are intricately linked with an individual’s health and encompass all of them. It is one of the important types of health.

Physical health is critical for all well-being and can be affected by;   

    . Lifestyle; take good diet, perform physical activity, and behavior.                          

    . Human biology; A person’s genetics and physiology may make it much easier or harder to achieve good physical health.

    . Environment: Our surroundings factors, such as sunlight or toxic substances.

    . Healthcare service: Good healthcare can also help to prevent illness and detect and treat it. 


Emotional Health

Emotional health is a part of overall health because it is about how we think and feel. Emotionally healthy people are in control of their thoughts, feeling, and emotions. Because It is all about our sense of well-being, our ability to tackle life events, and how we accept our own emotions and those of others. They can manage life’s challenges. They can keep problems in view and bounce back from setbacks.


Social Health

Social health is a term that refers to how people create healthy and positive mutual links with one another. In addition, having good social health help people to improve their inner success and support in their daily lives.

As social health is one of the categories of health, thus we must have to know what was it.

Health– Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Well-being– Well-being stands for the absence of negative thoughts and feelings.

Social well-being– The people can be free from want of fundamentals and also coincide peacefully in communities with a good time for advancement. Furthermore, well-being stands for the absence of conditions and feelings.

Social health: a state of well-being


Spiritual Health

Spiritual health can not be defined as part of the body or as part of the mind. But body, mind, and spirit all affect one other. Spiritual Health can also contain broad concepts such as hope, purpose, and peace. The spiritual element of wellness can be the most difficult when we try to place all eight dimensions of wellnesses together. To better your spiritual life, you can also donate to the healing process. Spiritual may not be able to cure you, but it can help to cope with the pain and strain that follow an attack. High levels of spiritual health can firmly strike overall health. For example, people who undergo a life-changing event may deal with their situation more positively if their levels of spiritual health are high. In other words, people can become strong by properly conveying their spiritual health.


Intellectual Health

Intellectual health refers to being up to new ideas and expectations. And you have also a desire to increase your understanding and improve your skills. Additionally, it maximizes your creative potential.

Signs of Intellectual Wellness

  • Development of study skills and time management.
  • Ability to challenge yourself to see all the issues.
  • Becoming a critical thinker.
  • Development of your idea, views, and opinions.
  • Exposing yourself to new ideas.
  • Become aware of who you are and what your value is.
  • What are you excited to learn at UNH?

Improve Study Skills

  • Review study matters within 24 hours of class to keep them fresh in your memory.
  • Take notes while you read and focus on more than what is written on the board.
  • Form a study group session with your fellow friends in class.
  • Study in a quiet environment that will not disturb you.

Improve Time Management

  • Make a timetable that allows you to cross off completed tasks as you go.
  • Prioritize tasks in order of importance and tackle the prime first
  • Learn to say no to social activities at times
  • Cut work hours. Money is important, but working too much can cut your study time.
  • Multi-task within your limits

Remove Objectivity

  • Learn there are many ways to do something in a life
  • There isn’t always a “right” answer, but at times multiple
  • Exposing yourself to new ideas, insights, thoughts, expressions, and values
  • Expose yourself to the difference

Improve Critical Thinking

  • Be actively busy in conversation, readings, and also in classrooms – think about the action.
  • Ask a question to yourself to improve your skill.
  • Challenge the norm, don’t take an answer for what it is without according to it yourself
  • Find patterns and links to examples that relate to your life
  • Consequently, keep your brain active, think, and quiz as well.


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