Difference between science and technology

Difference between science and technology

Difference between science and technology:

Both science and technology are closely related to each other. Furthermore, science and technology are directly and indirectly connected to each other. Science collect data by focusing on ethical method. On the other side, technology takes action by using the same knowledge. In this article, we will discuss the difference between science and technology.



Science is a process of exploring new knowledge along with monitoring and experiments. It gathers data by focusing on social strategy. In science, we achieve our goal through the corresponding scientific process. Science is a continuous process of searching for new knowledge. In addition, this knowledge is always helpful. Science still explores knowledge to understand natural phenomena. As a result, we get advanced knowledge and discovery about science.  Some branches of science are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc. 



We define technology as a mixture of technique, skills, design, process, etc. These are committed to creating gadgets or completing scientific investigations. Technology is said to be a process of applying scientific knowledge in actual application for different purposes. It focuses on the social effect of taking action. Moreover, we achieve our technology by corresponding scientific processes. Technology is a continuous process of executing knowledge. In addition, it can be helpful and harmful. That is why most people use technology to simplify their work. They are also expanding their abilities. Some branches of technology are agriculture, applied physics, engineering, biotechnology, etc. 


Key Difference Between Science and Technology:

  1. Science is an organized way of collecting knowledge on any subject through scientific experiments and inspection. Technology is the actual usage of the laws of science for various purposes.
  2. Science is a process of searching for new knowledge. Whereas; technology is a process of putting this knowledge into different practices.
  3. We use science to acquire knowledge about natural facts and their causes. On the other side, technology can be helpful or harmful, If we use it in a good way. Then it can help humans in solving many problems. But, if we operate its knowledge for dangerous uses. It can cause the demolition of the entire world.
  4. Science strain on discovery. These are facts and laws of nature. Technology focuses on inventions like easing the work of humans and growing new techniques.
  5. The motto of science is learning something. On the other side, the slogan of technology is doing something.
  6. Science is always helpful despite whether technology is valuable or harmful.
  7. We use science to make forecasts while technology clarifies the work and executes the needs of humans.
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