Difference Between Posts vs Pages in WordPress

Difference Between Posts vs Pages in WordPress

Difference Between Posts vs Pages in WordPress

Practicing a WordPress site for the very first time is very overwhelming. For beginners, it’s a very hard task to find the difference between WordPress posts vs WordPress pages.

In WordPress, pages are use for static content. Posts are for more timely content that is regularly update and upload. Depending on your website, you have a different combination of pages and posts. Both may look similar, but there are many differences between posts vs pages in WordPress. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between WordPress pages vs posts with some examples.


WordPress posts

Posts in WordPress are use to create normal blog content, articles, and other types of content that are list on your blog pages. Posts are show on blog pages with the newest post list at the top of the blog page with publish date and time.

It can be created and edited from the WordPress Admin dashboard by selecting posts and clicking Add New. A content editor will open, where you can type your text or paste text from another document. Images, videos, and links can also be inserted into the content section.

When content is edit, click on the Publish button to live the post on your site.

If you do not like your content after publication, you can remove it from the site and can post it again after making changes to it. And you can make thousands of posts on your site because there is no limit. We can also categorize our content or tell our audience what our content is basically about. There are different categories like Education, Travel, Fashion, News, Technology, and many more. Category elaborates our content and helps the reader to understand what exactly our content is about.

WordPress Posts

WordPress Pages

Pages are generally static and you can put your content that is not specifically time-dependent on pages. Just like posts, we can also edit and update them freely when often changes are required. Pages provide a stable framework that allows your visitors to access important information about your site. Essential pages on websites might include Home, About, Contact, Privacy, and site information. Subpages can also be created on our website that is linked to its parent pages. Subpages define the extra information of the page. For example, an education site might have a main page that introduces its courses and, along with it, a set of subpages that includes pages with information about different course’s detail. There are many WordPress themes that provide page template features.

WordPress Pages

Four main differences between pages vs posts:


1. Timelines

One of the main differences between WordPress posts and pages is that posts are timely while pages are timeless. In other words, In pages, we can doesn’t change content much but change when it’s necessary. Posts, on the other hand, have a publication date that helps the search engines.


2. Social Engagement

Posts are the perfect platform to drive engagement with your audience. By default, posts come with a comment section, which can be disable if you prefer. There are many theme features like the Social media button so that visitors can easily engage with you.

Pages usually don’t include a comment section. So social interaction cannot be possible through pages.


3. Ownership

By default, each post contains an author name and publish date but on the other hand, pages don’t have author details.


4. Organization


Posts can be organized with categories and tags in well-designed taxonomies that help the visitors and Google’s bots.

On the other hand, Pages don’t use categories and tags but you can add them by using a plugin. Instead, you can organize your pages hierarchically by adding parent pages and their child pages.


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