Dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool

Dahua nkb1000 not showing in config tool

The Dahua nkb1000 is supposed to be supported by the Dahua Config Tool. However, it does not appear in the supported device list when using version 1.7.4. Dahua nkb1000 also doesn’t show up under My Cameras as other devices do in the config tool. The only way to discover the device in the config tool GUI is if you click on the New button and then choose the Device Listing tab and scroll down until you see it (but you can’t edit this device).


Things to do with a Dahua nkb1000

1. Make sure your DVR is plugged into a power source, and the power cord securely connects to the DVR and an outlet.

2. Check the network connection by checking all Ethernet cables are securely attached to their respective ports on both devices.

3. If you have a router, ensure it is connected to your computer via an Ethernet cable and turned on.

4. Go to My Devices > Config Tool on your Dahua NVR homepage and check for an IP address next to Network Status as well as WAN IP Status should be ON with both green check marks visible on the right-hand side of the page. 


Why can’t the IP Camera be found in the config Tool?  

The Dahua nkb1000 is a new IP Camera for 2016. The nkb1000 is an excellent addition to Dahua’s lineup of cost-effective and reliable IP Cameras. However, the data nkb1000 does not show up in the config tool. This may be because it was recently released and has yet to be added to the list. You can still manually add it by scrolling to Other on the list of cameras and clicking on Add Camera.


How to Setup Dahua NKB- 1000 Camera?

Step 1

Download and install the Dahua App on your  Android or Apple device. If your device doesn’t already have the app installed, you’ll need to download it before installing the camera.

Step 2

Connect the camera to your computer via ethernet cable and install the driver software provided by Dahua, which usually comes with the camera.

Step 3

When the installation is complete, open the Dahua APP on your device to check if both devices are connected successfully or not. If all looks good, click ‘Camera’ under ‘Networks.’

Step 4

Click ‘Add Device.’ Enter the camera’s IP address, then click the OK button.

Step 5

Select ‘IP Camera,’ then click the ‘Settings’ tab. Set the correct mode according to whether you use a wireless or wired connection. To ensure your camera works well, change the resolution to 1280×720 and click ‘Save.’

Step 6

Go back to the Home screen, and you’ll find the camera now added by clicking the button on the left side of your screen. Now, turn on the camera manually by pressing the On/Off switch on the top right corner of the camera and then wait until it turns green. When it’s turned on, press the ‘Start Recording’ button on the bottom center of the front panel to start recording.

Step 7

To stop recording, press the same button again to turn off the camera. Kindly pay attention that if you close the application while the camera is still recording, the camera may stop working and lose the data. So kindly keep the application open till the end of the recording.


I had a Dahua nkb1000, but it needed to show up on the configuration tool. I checked and confirmed that it was plugged in, and then I tried restarting the device. That didn’t work, so I discovered that it had to be connected directly to a computer to show up on the configuration. After securing my device to my computer, I restarted the program and reconnected my machine, which fixed the problem.

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