Combat warriors codes

combat warriors codes

Roblox has plenty of additional forms for you to fight. But, like any other innovative medium, Combat warriors codes offers an opportunity for architects to make something tense, with danger and compensation, and, someday, a winner. And Combat Warriors does only that, setting you in the ring with different weapons and just one goal: defeat your opponent.

That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of Combat Warriors codes so that you can get a headstart on the opponent and free in-game boosts to help you win. With a vast variety of melee and ranged spears known, this fight is bound to be bloodstained, so you must be prepared. Be sure to bookmark this runner, too, as we’ll add new codes as shortly as they materialize.

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Combat Warriors codes: Active codes

  • 1M_Favs
Expired codes:


  • 400K_Likes
  • 320K_Likes
  • 250K_Likes
  • ActiveWizard20K
  • 73M1LL1ON
  • SnugLife
  • WinterWarrior
  • Joineddiscord
  • 100k_visits
  • 1k_members
  • 1k_followers


What are Combat Warriors codes?

The Combat Warrior Code is a set of guidelines that all United States Marine Corps members are expected to follow. It comprises 11 different rules that all Marines are encouraged to follow. The purpose is to help them live as positive role models and ensure they can handle all situations in their professional and personal lives. 

The first rule is Be Loyal, which means being honest, trustworthy, reliable, supportive, and accountable. It also means avoiding conduct that undermines or destroys unit cohesion or morale. 

The second rule is Know Yourself, which means knowing your strengths and limitations to make good decisions about yourself and your career path.


How do I redeem Combat Warriors codes?

Redeeming codes is super easy. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Bounce up Combat Warriors in Roblox
  • Type in a code in the box in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Press the ‘submit’ button
  • Enjoy the free stuff!


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Final Words 

In both civilian life and the military, it is crucial to have a code to live by that is your moral compass. In combat, a soldier’s code may be what will keep him alive on a battlefield. It could be something as simple as never leaving anyone behind. The code is about being able to focus on what is most important during difficult times. It can also be about not worrying about the small things because they don’t matter when there are more significant matters. For example, this could mean not caring if you have a seatbelt or have time to shave before meeting your commanding officer.

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