Clayton Bachelor: Introduction and Summary

Clayton Bachelor Introduction and Summary

Clayton Bachelor: Introduction and Summary

In this article, we discuss  Clayton Bachelor: Introduction and Summary. The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard has been dating Susie Evans for almost a year, and they recently broke up. But what happened in their relationship? How long did they last? What was the cause of their breakup? We’ll answer all these questions below!

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard Reveals Status of His Dating Life After Susie Evans Split

Clayton Bachelor is a contestant on the Bachelor, where he was the Bachelor in season 20. He’s now a model and real estate agent who also works as an Uber driver. In addition to all that, he also seems to be dating someone named Susie Evans—a name that sounds familiar because it’s not just any ordinary person: she was one of your favorite contestants on The Bachelorette this season too!

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Break Up

You might have heard that Clay and Susie are no longer together. That’s true, but not for the reasons you may think.

The two were separated for several weeks after the finale of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, which left them without a lot to do other than enjoy some alone time. But soon after, they got back from filming their spinoff show (which had nothing to do with Paradise). They decided it was time to move on from one another and try something new. Or so we thought!

“Bachelor’s crime was one rarely seen in this state – several counts of aggravated murder and attempted murder using an assault rifle and handgun.

Clayton Echard is a contestant on The Bachelor who has been dating fellow contestant Susie Evans.

Clayton and Susie have broken up multiple times over the past few months. They were together for five months before breaking up again in July 2018. They were together briefly in August 2018 before breaking up again in September 2018 and then getting back together in March 2019 (just three weeks ago).

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and Susie Evans: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Susie and Clayton met on The Bachelor, where they got engaged. Their relationship lasted for about a year before it ended in May 2017.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Susie said that she thought Clayton was controlling and abusive towards her while they were together: “Clayton was like this big personality but he would sit back and watch me do all the talking.” She claimed he never let her speak up in meetings or events because he wanted to control every aspect of their lives together.

The news broke when his ex-girlfriend, Jade Llewellyn (who appeared on The Bachelorette last season), told News Corp Australia that she feared for her life after they broke up. Because she believed he would kill her one day. And now we know why.


We hope this timeline has given you a better understanding of how the Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and Susie Evans met, fell in love, and eventually broke up. Of course, we know many different opinions about what happened between them. Still, after reading all of this information (and your research), it will give some insight into their relationship.
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