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As the world is advancing, everyone wants to learn new technology and adopt it for their ease. Technology plays a vital role in today’s advancement in the world so if you are a technology lover, you are at the right place because we share the latest technology news of the world.

Computer vs mobile

Computer vs mobile The difference between a Computer vs mobile is that A computer is a personal computer you can carry from place to place. Similarly, a mobile is a device small enough to hold in your hand. Furthermore, both are used to access information about the world through the internet. As the world is […]

What is Technology?

What is Technology? Technology affects people each over the world. Progress in technology day by day have made our countries safer and easier but they have also harmful affected to our lives. Technology has provided us online banking system, smart automobiles, smart TVs, fast computers, and virtual reality. Also, there include cyber warfare, hackers, and […]

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