Can I build a career in tech without a computer science degree

Can I build a career in tech without a computer science degree

Can I build a career in tech without a computer science degree?


You don’t need a computer science degree to work in the world of tech. So, let’s put that idea to rest. There are plenty of jobs for people with only some experience coding or just getting started. Generally, it is more common for technology companies to hire experienced people. These are also the employees with a college or a university degree in computer science (CS). This is not a hard and fast rule for a tech job these days. You are thinking about yourself, can I build a career in tech without a computer science degree? So, the answer is yes, you can. So, let’s discuss it.

How to do it:

You can build a career in tech without a degree. There are many ways to get into the tech field. You do not have to earn a computer science degree if you do not want one.

  • Moreover, learn new skills. Developing new skills can help you move into different areas of the tech industry. You can even do online jobs in tech like web developer etc.
  • Apply for jobs where a relevant education is not a requirement.

Look for a job in the right place.

You will want to make sure that you have researched the types of jobs available. It is also important what kind of companies you would like to work for. It may be worth looking into salary data on sites like Glassdoor or Payscale. These can give you an idea of what people in different roles earn at different-sized companies.

Be creative in thinking while doing job research.

There are plenty of ways to get started if you are looking for a job in the tech industry. The first step is always getting your foot in the door. You can create a resume and cover letter. It will be highlighting your strengths and show how you can contribute to the company’s culture. You should also use social media platforms like LinkedIn to network with people who know potential employers well. Furthermore, it might be helpful to look at job boards for jobs. You can even use school resources like career services or student groups on campus. These sources focus on professional development for students interested in technology careers.

Work on the soft skills of the tech industry

You should focus to work on building your soft skills. It is also essential to remember that they are not just for other people. Soft skills are necessary for any job. Employers will value these skills whether or not you have a computer science degree. If nothing else, having skills like collaboration and leadership can help you shine as an employee.

You can find a job in tech without a computer science degree.

If you’re considering a tech career, don’t stop just because you don’t have a computer science degree deter you. There are plenty of jobs in the field that require a technical background. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of opportunities for non-computer science students.

Here are some ways to pursue your tech dreams without getting an MS in Computer Science:

Think outside the box:

  • If your college experience has taught you anything, there’s no shortage of options for choosing a central career path.

Creative Job search:

  • Start looking for a job online according to your skill set.
  • Then, if you need a full-time job, look for new areas of job search. It will be very interesting for you to work at start-ups and other cutting-edge companies. Also, consider looking for positions at those companies instead of traditional technology corporations like Google and Facebook.

New skills:

  • Learn web development and SEO skills and land a job online.


We hope this post has helped answer your questions. It will help you to build a career in tech without a traditional education. There are plenty of jobs for programmers who have not completed college. But we believe there are even more opportunities for those with an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. You may still be unsure whether investing time and money into a computer science degree is right for you. But it is the right decision to go for it. We encourage you to contact local colleges and universities. Also keep exploring options such as online classes, career counseling services, or scholarships.



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