Can-am Renegade

Can-am Renegade

Can-am Renegade?

If you’re not a motocross rider, chances are you know what the Can-Am Renegade mountain bike looks. With its red frame and off-road style tires, it’s instantly recognizable as one of the most fun and versatile mountain bikes on the market today. If you’re ready to experience what it’s like to ride one. So, check out the following article and learn more about how this bike can add some excitement to your life!

What is a Can-Am Renegade?

The Can-Am Renegade is a high-performance off-road motorcycle available in two variants. The base model is an Adventure bike that weighs 420 pounds, has a 37 horsepower engine, and costs $12,499. The Rally model also has 50% more suspension travel and heavier axles than the base model for even better handling over rugged terrain. All models come with ABS braking systems as well as four different driving modes:

  • Snow/sand mode
  • Rallye mode (for competitive racing)
  • Dirt mode (for more of a motocross feel)
  • Street mode for street use

2018 Can-Am Renegade 1000 XMR Review

The most notable difference is the suspension. The Can-Am Renegade has a more heavy-duty suspension, a crossover rear axle, and new rear remote reservoir shocks. Other changes include wide 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, a more extended fuel tank (an estimated range of 460 miles), and a stiffer steel front bumper. All in all, these changes make for an excellent truck!

Can-Am Renegade vs Yamaha Wolverine: Which is Better for Off-Roading?

The Can-Am Renegade is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts because of its impressive features, comfort, and ease of operation. It has a powerful 570cc engine that offers loads of power yet delivers near-perfect fuel efficiency. The unique standard Powersports Automatic Transmission (PT2) makes the Renegade easy to operate by providing smooth shifting with three gears to choose from – Low, Neutral, and High – which improves safety and functionality. The plush EASA seats are comfortable for riders up to 6 feet tall and are extra wide for both driver and passenger for optimal comfort.

Can-Am Renegade: The Ultimate All-Terrain Vehicle

One of the most exciting aspects of the Can-Am Renegade series is that they are capable of tackling any terrain imaginable. With an unparalleled suspension system and a feature-packed interior, Can-Am offers riders a guaranteed off-road experience. While excellent on paved roads, there is nothing like hopping onto the Renegade to escape your 9-5 reality. Whether racing through uncharted territory or touring remote parts of your country, riding a Renegade will always be an adventure you won’t forget.

Can-Am Outlander XT Specs & Features

Look no further than the Can-Am Outlander XT for a four-seater, versatile, and rugged ride with the most to offer. With upgrades in power and other capabilities from its predecessor, the 850R, this all-terrain vehicle will surely exceed your expectations. Here are some of the features that make this side-by-side so perfect for almost any type of outing: 

  • Low maintenance hydro transmission system – for dependable operation year-round 
  • Automatic steering – if you have an accident or need assistance steering, it can shift on its own to avoid a collision. 
  • Wireless Bluetooth capabilities – stay connected while on the go with family or friends by streaming music on your phone through a 100-watt sound system in each console box.

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