Campfire Cooking Kit: The perfect way to cook outdoors

Campfire Cooking Kit

Campfire Cooking Kit: When camping, there are always ways to add something extra to your experience, and cooking outdoors is no exception. If you’ve been tired of the same old campfire meal or have been frustrated by messes in camp, it’s time to check out this Campfire Cooking Kit from Bass Pro Shops. It’s full of all the essentials you need to cook delicious campfire meals and desserts without breaking a sweat! From grilling utensils to hot pot carriers, plenty is here to prepare you for outdoor cooking.


What is Campfire Cooking Kit? 

The Campfire Cooking Kit is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether camping or just enjoying an evening around a campfire, this kit has everything you need for cooking. You get four cutting boards and a spatula in different sizes, which will help you prepare all the ingredients before they go on the grill. And since it comes with tongs and a fork, there’s no need for utensils that may fall into the fire. There are also three skewer sets of varying lengths to cook anything from shrimp to marshmallows. Along with these tools, each kit also includes a set of coasters made from recycled rubber that will keep your drinks safe while sitting next to hot coals.


Introducing the Campfire Cooking Kit

Campfire cooking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while having your meal perfectly cooked. However, figuring out which cooking utensils are best can be daunting. This is why the Campfire Cooking Kit was created. It includes everything you need for campfire cooking and is easy on your wallet too! Use this kit for fishing, camping, tailgating, or even around the backyard. One of the most popular items in this kit is the cast iron skillet. It’s durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it during travel or use. Another popular item in this kit is our solid cast aluminum Dutch oven with a lid (8 quarts). It’s durable and cooks evenly thanks to its thick bottom and tight-fitting lid that prevents liquid from evaporating during long cooking times over low heat.


The Campfire Cooking Kit provides everything you need to cook a meal outdoors.

No matter where you go, there is always a fire. Whether it is the campground, your backyard, or on the beach, the Campfire Cooking Kit can be the easiest way to cook a meal. You can use this kit for outdoor cooking, and you don’t need other utensils! It’s ready for camping or tailgating as well. 

The Campfire Cooking Kit has everything you need to make an easy meal. It has a tinfoil grill rack and aluminum foil pans that are pre-cut and ready to use. You must unwrap one of these pans (or both if you want two dishes) and lay it on top of your tinfoil grill rack.


The Campfire Cooking Kit is easy to use and clean up.

The Campfire Cooking Kit is a lightweight, compact and portable kit that includes everything you need to cook delicious meals outside. It has all the essentials for outdoor cooking, including an aluminum roasting pan, grill plates, utensils, and more! With these products on hand, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable meal with your family or friends. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves spending time in nature, this is it!


The Campfire Cooking Kit is the perfect way to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

The Campfire Cooking kit is the perfect way to enjoy a meal with friends and family without the mess. It includes a fire starter, tongs, spatula, pot gripper, and a grill rack in one portable bag. 

These items are made from high-quality materials that will last for years, so it’s an investment worth making! 

The cooking kit also comes with a recipe book full of great outdoor recipes from around the world – including favorites like s’mores, shish kebabs and even pizza. 

Whether camping or simply cooking outside in your backyard or deck, this kit is for you!


Top 5 Best Campfire Cooking Kits (2022 Reviews)

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best campfire cooking kits on the market. Whether you’re looking for something a little more high-tech or affordable, these five products have you covered. 

Camp Chef 14 Deluxe Cast Iron Grill Pan 

This cast iron grill pan is big enough to handle cooking an entire meal for your camping party and is made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean. It also has ample slots for grilling various foods, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves variety.

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Deep Fryer Combo

If you love fried food, this combo fryer and the dutch oven are what you need. It features two different pans–one with a ten frying surface and one with 6–to accommodate different sizes of meat or vegetables. And while they might be designed primarily as deep fryers, they can also be used as regular pots and pans outside of the fire pit. 

Happy Camper Dutch Oven Pizza Set with Stone & Outdoor Thermometer 

A unique feature of this set is that it includes not only a 12-pizza stone but also an outdoor thermometer! That means you’ll never overcook your pizza again because the device will let you know when it’s ready to take off the heat–perfect for people who like their crust crispy rather than doughy. This kit also has a spatula and pepperoni cutter to make prep easier. 

4) Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet 

For those who don’t want any extra hassle in the kitchen, we recommend getting yourself a skillet that doesn’t require seasoning beforehand (or taking up space in your RV). Made from heavy cast iron, it cooks evenly and has the bonus of being dishwasher safe. 

Camp Chef 22 Square Offset Smoker Box With Cover This smoker box allows you to smoke meats without constantly opening up your pit. Light the charcoal or wood chips inside, wait 20 minutes until they start smoking, then close the cover and wait 15 minutes before opening again to check if your food is done. You can also use it without making a smoky flavor by placing hot coals inside instead of wood chips. 

5) Camp Chef 24 Ceramic Roaster With Lid 

This ceramic roaster would be an excellent choice for anyone who prefers oven roasting over frying. It has convenient handles on each side for easy transport, even over long distances, and it’s large enough to fit everything from roast beef sandwiches to pork loins!


Final Thought

The Campfire cooking kit is the best way for campers, hunters, and tailgaters to enjoy their grilled foods. It includes a BBQ grill, cooking grate, drip pan, wire brush, and tongs that can be used with any grill. 

The Campfire cooking kit is the best way for campers, hunters, and tailgaters to enjoy their grilled foods. It includes a BBQ grill, cooking grate, drip pan, wire brush, and tongs that can be used with any grill.


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