Teams of scientists are hard at work trying to find cures for the world’s deadliest diseases and to improve the quality of life and living standards of people across the globe. But many of these researchers need advanced technology that doesn’t even exist. This is where biotechnology comes in. Biotechnology, also known as biotechnology, aims to use technology to benefit society through advancements in medicine, industry, and agriculture, among other fields. With such high stakes, biotechnology companies need as much help from technology companies.

History of biotechnology

The biotech industry, called the life sciences sector, was established in the 1960s. In addition to the research and development that goes into genetically engineering new biological organisms. Modern biotechnology includes processing living things for specific purposes (such as extracting insulin from the pancreas of cows) and using all forms of medical treatments. Some major companies that have changed or continue to impact this field are Genentech, Biogen, and Biogen. 

The first mention of biotechnology can be found in 1970 when Lederberg and Perrin wrote about it in Life Science: The Unification of Biology, their book about scientific methods for investigating biology. They write that We propose a new name for the marriage of science and technology. Where the new profession is ‘biotechnology. They further describe that Biotechnology should serve not only agriculture. But industries use recombinant DNA with DNA taken from one organism and spliced with another.

Since then, many biotechnologies have been invented, including recombinant DNA, tissue culture media, bioinformatics (a form of molecular bioengineering), bioplastics, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy, animal cloning, and stem cell treatment/research. There are many more forms of modern biotechnologies than what is mentioned here.

Approaches and tools

Since new technologies are being developed to solve these problems, biotech has opened the door for many potentials. One such approach is CRISPR-Cas9 which uses an enzyme and small RNA molecule to edit DNA at specific sites, providing researchers with precise control over mutations. This process has been shown to edit genomes in all cells of a living organism efficiently and also seems to repair certain mutated genes. No pharmaceutical company has yet approached genome editing with caution or implemented restrictions on its use. The future of biotech looks promising. In addition, biotech companies developing therapeutics often work in stages where they first test their drug in animal models before human trials begin.

Applications of biotechnology

The most common application of biotechnology is in agriculture, where farmers use genetic engineering to grow more food on less land, increase the nutritional content of their products, and create new plants that thrive in difficult growing conditions. Other popular uses of biotechnology are in pharmaceuticals and medical research. For example, genetically engineered medicines can help with disease prevention and treatment. And use an organism’s cellular machinery to perform some or all manufacturing processes. As well as this, we also use genetic engineering in our daily lives through cosmetic products. For example, over ten thousand edible items currently contain GM ingredients!

Is Biotechnology a good career path?

A lot of people ask this question every day. Of course, the answer depends on what kind of career you are looking for. If you are more into research and want to be a part of discovering innovations in the field, then Biotechnology is the perfect path for you. But if you want to work in the medical field. I recommend going into nursing or doctoring before transitioning into a related area. 

Biotechnology deals with techniques and technologies used to develop products based on living organisms and their biochemical processes. Biotechnology includes cloning, genetic engineering, and bioprocessing of manufactured products. Those who wish to pursue careers in this industry will typically start as an intern at a pharmaceutical company or biotech firm before advancing up the ranks.

Getting a Job in Biotechnology

As biotechnology has evolved, so too have opportunities in the field. With that being said, you need to make sure that you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few suggestions to guide your way:

  • Research the various companies available in your area and decide what will be a good fit for your education and skillset. 
  • Look at job postings and consider which ones match your qualifications. Some jobs require special training, so be mindful of this when looking through listings. 
  • Find someone in the field or who works for a company and speak with them. Learn more about their career path and how they got there. They may be able to give you pointers on where to start!


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