Best place to visit Florida

best place to visit Florida

Best place to visit Florida

If you’re planning on visiting Florida, you may be unsure where to go to experience the state’s best, from its natural attractions to its cultural events and activities. Well, don’t worry – we’ve done the research for you and created this list of the ten best place to visit Florida!


Sarasota is your best bet if you’re looking for quality time on the water. This city’s pier offers an excellent spot for fishing, picnicking, and catching the spectacular views of boats cruising by Sarasota Bay. Plus, plenty of boats are available to rent and take out into the bay. In addition, the Ringling Museum houses more than 45,000 works of art from around the world, many of which were created by members of The Ringling family. You can also see animals at their fully interactive Zoological Center, which features a walk-through aviary, spider exhibit, and conservatory full of butterflies and tropical birds.



There are few places better than Orlando for an extended family vacation. Located about two hours from Daytona Beach, Tampa, Sarasota and Miami, the Disney World Resort offers a plethora of theme parks and attractions that can be visited by staying a minimum of four days. And then there is Orlando’s world-famous hospitality that shines through no matter what type of hotel or hotel chain you choose to stay at while visiting this gem on the Gulf Coast. Even when crowds swarm the city during peak times, families can find serenity by making a home base at one of many beautiful hotels which provide the only-in-Florida amenities along with resort amenities such as full kitchens and concierge services.


St. Petersburg, FL

The best place to visit Florida is St. Petersburg, which features stunning views of the waterfront and has a diverse array of cultural experiences. Historic sites, world-class dining, an acclaimed waterfront park- no wonder they call it the Sunshine City! 

1) Start your day by wandering through one of St. Petersburg’s historic neighborhoods, just minutes from downtown. Tours are available all year round through the African American Heritage Museum, highlighting African Americans’ influence on St. Petersburg and its environs over time.


Key West

Before we get into the ten best places to visit in Florida, let’s say this is a tough choice. However, it might be worth exploring all the cities if you have time. That said, Key West should be first on your list of holiday destinations when considering where you want to go! This city is known for its laid-back culture and diversity, perfect for travelers of all ages. Plus, endless activities are available for those with an adventurous heart. Whether it’s boat trips off the coast, diving expeditions, or gambling at one of many casinos in town – they will never run out of things to do here!



Nestled on the Gulf Coast, Naples is a charming city with a laid-back atmosphere. The wealth of outdoor activities and sunshine year-round make it an ideal destination for anyone seeking adventure.


Miami Beach

Florida is a place of rich culture and diversity. The state has something for everyone, from its tropical climate to bustling art districts. Miami Beach is one of the famous destinations in all of South Florida, and rightly so. This glistening resort city offers white sand beaches with year-round warm weather, idyllic ocean breezes, tranquil bayfront parks that provide serene settings for tanning, biking, jogging, or strolling, and major hotels with lavish amenities like on-site spas, pristine pools, and kids’ clubs. It’s also an easy drive from Miami (a cosmopolitan metropolis), Orlando (a sprawling entertainment mecca), or Tampa Bay (famous for its beaches).


Sanibel Island

I spent one of the best weekends of my life exploring Sanibel Island! It was a trip for just me and two of my friends. Sanibel Island is an island found on the Gulf Coast side of Florida. One of the most popular places on the island is its wildlife preserve. The wildlife preserve is open Monday through Friday from 8 am-4 pm, but we got there Saturday morning when it opened at 8 am. Our first stop was looking for turtles! I had never seen one in person, so I was excited to see some. After that, we looked in rock pools and saw little jellyfish, starfish, snails, hermit crabs, dozens upon dozens of sea urchins, and all types of seaweed.


St. Augustine

Many of St. Augustine’s attractions are free, including the Lightner Museum, Fort Castillo de San Marcos, Flagler College, St. George Street and more. Plus, many of its historic houses are open for guided tours, or self-guided brochures are available for additional information for a fee. So spend some time walking up and down one of the most well-preserved colonial towns in America – you’ll soon be under the spell that has captured generation after generation since 1565!



Detecting on the Eastern boundary of the state, Destin has long been a popular vacation destination for those seeking affordable beach vacations. You can visit Destin Harbor or sit on one of its white sandy beaches. In addition, other things to do include fishing tours, dolphin cruises and visiting the nearby Marineland aquarium.


Everglades National Park

Here are ten places worth visiting in the Sunshine State:

-Everglades National Park is one of Florida’s best places to visit. Its subtropical wetlands encompass the southern tip of South Florida, running from the east coast inland for close to 50 miles. The name Everglades means river of grass, and indeed this area is almost entirely marshland, swamp, and shallow lakes, not true rivers. The only land between them is a thin strip of trees providing habitat for mangrove swamps, birds, small mammals, and other wildlife, including alligators. But what sets this national park apart from most others is its vastness.

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