Best Jobs for Graduates With a Finance Degree

Best Jobs for Graduates With a Finance Degree

Finance can be a competitive field of the best jobs for graduates with a finance degree. In addition, a famously high-paying industry known to deal out seven-figure in salaries. Furthermore, the finance industry has various job opportunities. So, in this article, we discuss the best jobs for graduates with a finance degree. 

Top 10 Jobs for Finance Majors
Here are some choices to consider for you to explore careers.
1. Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst research stocks, bonds, industries, and companies to assist bankers. For instance, they can capitalize on their finance training. Furthermore, it builds financial models. Moreover, it also produces reports detailing its findings. For, it presents its analyses to other members of the banking. A financial analyst is the best Job for Graduates With a Finance degree. So, analysts earn an average salary of $81,590.

2. Investor Relation Associate
Finance with full writing, communication, and organizational skill can shine in this role. In addition, investor relation professional prepare and present financial information. Thus, Investor relations associates earn an average salary of $61,097.

3. Budget Analyst
It applies the principle of finance to projects and proposals in government and education. In addition, they analyze budgets. Similarly, it evaluates the financial impact of new ventures. It must have refined communication skills. They interview managers’ systems to gather information for proposals. Likewise, it develops essential analytical and communication skills. So, Budget analysts earn an average salary of $76,560.

4. Actuary
It plays a leadership role in financial businesses such as banking and insurance. In addition, the finance l graduate with strong mathematical skills to calculate the likelihood of various events. Thus, an actuary earns an average salary of $109,360.

5. Accountant
Students of finance develop accountancy skills. Similarly, they learn to analyze business problems with precision. Likewise, finance majors learn to construct and critique financials. For instance, accountants earn an average salary of $72,560.

6. Credit Analyst
It evaluates the financial standing of loan prospects. In addition, they have the communication skill necessary for credit analysts to extract information. According to the BLS, credit analysts earn a salary of $74,690.

7. Attorney
Research skills developed by finance majors enables the attorney to prepare their cases. In addition, presentation skill software help to deliver argument and exhibits. Still, attorneys earn a salary of $74,690.

8. Business Teacher
Finance majors hone the communication skills that are essential to the teaching profession. Furthermore, business teachers tap a broad knowledge of the business. Similarly, they instruct high school students about the fundamental of accounting. According to Payscale, business teachers earn an average salary of $42,675. 

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