Benefits intermittent fasting

Benefits intermittent fasting

Benefits intermittent fasting

The benefits of intermittent fasting are many and well-documented, but you might still be hesitant to try it out. By the end of this article, you’ll know more about intermittent fasting than you ever thought possible, and you’ll be ready to give it a shot! Let’s get started with just what intermittent fasting is, shall we? The answer might surprise you.

8 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting That Will Surprise You

By now, most people have heard about intermittent fasting. But for those who are not familiar with it, intermittent fasting is the act of limiting your intake of food to specific times of the day. In some ways, it can be a lot like calorie counting or limiting your food to only green vegetables and lean protein. Many benefits come from practising this as well as drawbacks. With all of these factors combined, here are eight benefits that come from practising this that will surprise you: 

1) Fasting helps you to eat fewer calories and lose weight

Research indicates that periodic fasting can aid you in losing weight. One of the benefits of intermittent fasting is eating less. Intermittent fasting teaches your body to be more satisfied with small portions. Another benefit is that studies show your gut bacteria changes positively when you fast and, again, when you refeed.

2) Help you live longer.

Evidence is mounting that caloric restriction, a religious practice by monks enhances longevity. In 2014, a study revealed that mice who ate just 60% of what they normally would and exercised four times more than usual could extend their lives an average of 38%. The findings were similarly promising for monkeys in another study conducted the same year. A 2016 University of Wisconsin-Madison study looked at the effect on longevity in humans: those who cut calories by 25% increased life expectancy from 88 to 91 years and lived seven years longer without dementia or other age-related diseases. Meanwhile, previous research has shown that insulin resistance – a precursor to diabetes – can be effectively prevented by caloric restriction.

3) Reduces cardiovascular disease

Atherosclerosis can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. But recent studies show that intermittent fasting helps prevent it by allowing blood vessels to relax. 

– This ultimately lowers the risk of cardiac arrest, chest pain, and pressure on the heart. 

– In a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism in April 2017, researchers found that those who fasted at least two days per week had much less atherosclerosis than those who didn’t get regularly fast. 

– They also found improved cholesterol levels among all participants, lowered insulin resistance rates, and decreased insulin secretion, which protects against diabetes.

4) Fasting enhances brain function.

One recent study found that those who fasted twice a week for three months significantly increased the production of NGF. 

This natural detoxification process is also believed to increase clarity and productivity rapidly. – Fasting is also associated with improved memory, as it helps flush out toxins. – Studies on rats show that neuronal connections are enhanced by intermittent fasting and regenerated at an astonishing rate of 10% each day, causing brain size to increase over days of fasts.

5) Fasting decreases the incidence of cancer.

Studies on the effects of eating habits on cancer are controversial. Still, it is a known fact that not eating regularly can reduce your body’s level of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which can, in turn, lower the risk of many cancers. A more significant effect is seen in people with a stomach-pouching disease called gastrectomy. Scientists noticed a significant reduction in cancerous and precancerous lesion rates. This makes sense because these people often rely on alternate sources for nutrition and do not consume any food orally.

6) Fasting promotes longevity

Many studies show that the more days in a row you fast, the longer you’ll live. For example, one study published in a 2011 issue found that mice who fasted every other day lived 33% longer than mice who ate what they wanted. The researchers think fasting lowers levels of a hormone called IGF-1, responsible for aging and growth. So eating less and often could help slow down the aging process. But before considering a long-term fasting schedule, consult your doctor first to ensure it’s safe for you.

7) Beneficial for heart health

There are many reasons why individuals decide to fast intermittently. A benefit is that the body can more efficiently use the carbohydrates ingested, which means that fat cells can be used for energy. In addition, when a person goes on an intermittent fasting diet, the insulin levels in their body decrease. Therefore, it is easier for the body to turn food into energy. Because insulin is not driving glucose and sugar molecules into cells. It’s important to note that even though people on a short-term fast might lose weight if they return to eating normally. They will likely put the weight back on quickly due to weight-regaining behaviours like increased snacking.

8) Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Intermittent fasting can be a good strategy for reducing insulin levels and improving insulin sensitivity. However, the lack of specific studies on humans makes it unclear if it could play a preventative role in Alzheimer’s disease. Intermittent fasting may help some with diabetes by maintaining their blood sugar levels. But not everyone should participate in this form of dieting. Certain groups also should not practice this type of diet. Such as those who suffer from heart or blood pressure problems or experience drastic mood swings after the initial weight loss.


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