Anna Delvey Now: How the scammer lived her best life

Anna Delvey Now How the scammer lived her best life

Anna Delvey Now: How the scammer lived her best life

If you haven’t followed the story of Anna Delvey, a woman arrested in October 2018 on charges of grand larceny and theft of services. She’s about to break out as an author. Anna Delvey Now: How the scammer lived her best life, which chronicles how Ms. Delvey pretended to be young, rich, and fashionable, will be published by Simon & Schuster on November 6th in the US and December 4th in the UK. Here are four things to know about the book that will be a bestseller when it debuts next month.

Anna Delvey Has Lived Many Lives

When New York socialite Anna Delvey was first arrested for defrauding investors of $250,000, there was a lot of speculation about who she was. Was she a heroin addict? A sociopath? A Russian spy trying to get close to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner? But over time, as more details emerged, it became clear that Anna had always had one goal: to live an Instagram-perfect life and be seen as an It girl. 

She created this persona by committing one elaborate con after another. First, she would befriend wealthy people with connections in high society. Then she would ask them for favors. A place to stay in their home or money for a business venture. And often pretend to pay them back when they weren’t looking.

What else is Anna Delvey up to?

Anna Delvey was arrested in October 2018 for grand theft, attempted grand larceny, and criminal possession of a forged instrument. She had been living in New York City’s Four Seasons Hotel since 2017 and running up over USD 200,000 in unpaid hotel bills. Her arrest has questioned how she lived such a lavish lifestyle on an average American salary. However, after being released from jail on a USD 50,000 bond. She was allowed to continue residing at the hotel as long as she paid for her living expenses. One month after her release from jail. Anna attended the opening of Socialista. The new restaurant by Danny Meyer and André Balazs.
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