A fit philosophy healthy gluten free easy recipes

A fit philosophy healthy gluten free easy recipes

A fit philosophy healthy gluten free easy recipes

This article discusses the fit philosophy of healthy gluten-free easy recipes. I am not the individual you assume I am. I weighed over 300 pounds a few years ago and lived on fast and junk food. If I had stayed on my unhealthy path, I would be in big trouble today! However, due to my total transformation, which included healthy eating, exercise, and proper supplements, I have shed more than 200 pounds. I now have the toned body that everyone wants to achieve! Here’s how I did it! It all started with deciding that it was time to change my life.

A fit philosophy for 3 gluten-free and easy-to-prepare breakfast menus

  1. Protein pancakes – Blend a protein powder and egg white mixture to make a pancake-like batter. Add blueberries, bananas, or any other fruit you might like to the batter before cooking.
  2. Yogurt parfait – Layer granola with yogurt in a large glass bowl for an on-the-go breakfast option. You can also add nuts or berries for extra protein and antioxidant boost.
  3. Oatmeal with bananas and almond butter – Make oatmeal using gluten-free oats, then top it with sliced bananas and almond butter for some additional flavor and healthy fats that will keep you fuller for longer. A mist of cinnamon never hurt anyone, either!
  • A buckwheat pancake reheated for 4 minutes in a pan
  • A layer of goat’s or sheep’s cheese spread
  • A slice of smoked salmon
  • A pinch of chives
  • 1 green tea or coffee

Menu Idea 2: Deluxe Scrambled Egg

  1. Place a frying pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium-low. 
  2. Add butter, olive oil, and shallots to the pan. 
  3. Pour in whisked eggs and allow them to cook until they’ve formed soft curds with tiny bits of egg still visible. 
  4. Use a spatula to fold eggs over themselves in a gentle flipping motion until they’re cooked through but still moist (do not stir). 
  5. Remove from heat, top with salt and pepper or your choice of herbs like basil or chives for flavor, and serve hot!
  • two scrambled eggs mixed with 20 g of crumbled feta
  • one tomato diced with balsamic vinegar
  • one slice of ham or smoked duck
  • 1 green tea or coffee

Menu idea 3: Express hard-boiled egg

Hard-boiled eggs are a great go-to for a quick meal or snack. It’s also a healthy, protein-packed option that you can enjoy guilt-free. All it takes is a little patience to make them right. Here are some simple steps to help you produce hard-boiled eggs in your kitchen: 

First, fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. 

Once the water has reached boiling point, reduce the heat and gently add the eggs to the pot of simmering water (careful not to crack them), using either an egg ring or some cups to hold them in place, so they don’t roll around.

  • two boiled eggs with mayonnaise
  • two pieces of cheese
  • one banana
  • 1 green tea or coffee

Menu idea 4: The warm tortilla

The Warm Tortilla is a delicious and healthy meal that’s great for dinner or lunch. It only takes about twenty minutes to prepare and has only six ingredients. Ready? Let’s get cooking!

  • • A corn tortilla
  • • A tablespoon of olive oil
  • • three slices of mozzarella
  • • A slice of ham
  • • Roll up everything and bake for 5 minutes at 180°C
  • • 1 green tea or coffee
Is it necessary to eliminate gluten from the diet?

Gluten is a protein that occurs naturally in many grains, including wheat, rye, and barley. However, the immune system reacts adversely to gluten in people with celiac disease or an allergy to these grains. This reaction can damage the small intestine lining and prevent it from absorbing nutrients.

In 2009, over two million Americans were diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD). The prevalence of CD has increased significantly in recent years, and experts attribute this trend to greater awareness among doctors and improved diagnostic techniques. People with CD must avoid foods that contain gluten to maintain adequate nutrition and avoid gastrointestinal problems. Gluten-free versions of many foods are now available at most grocery stores for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity.


A Fit Philosophy of Healthy Glutens Free Easy Recipes is a blog specializing in taking that bland protein shake or bowl of oatmeal to something much more exciting. 

Microwave Porridge Oatmeal Recipe: Combine 4 tbsp old-fashioned oats, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp chia seeds, a pinch of salt, and 1 cup water in a small microwavable bowl. Cook on high for 3 minutes and enjoy with any toppings you like.


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