A bad person chapter 94

A bad person chapter 94

A bad person chapter 94

In this chapter, A bad person chapter 94. the main character has come to terms with his nature and doesn’t regret what he’s done and will continue doing in the future. And though it was an intense discussion, we still have plenty of time before bedtime. So come on, bedtime story. I will meet you there.

The Bad Person Chapter 94: Becoming a Better Person

To be a better person, you must stop doing so many shitty things. Stop taking all your frustrations out on other people and learn how to take care of yourself better instead. Remember that not everyone’s life is perfect, and even though you’re having a rough time right now, this too shall pass, but only if you make some positive changes in your life today. So let’s get started! You’re feeling anger, resentment, guilt, or shame.
And when those feelings are powerful, it can feel like they’ll never go away. But here’s the thing: they will fade over time unless you keep feeding them by repeatedly bringing up the same negative thoughts. The best way to deal with these feelings is by practicing self-compassion: being kinder to yourself and accepting these difficult emotions as a normal part of life that every human experiences at one point or another. You deserve self-love no matter what mistakes you’ve made or what mistakes might still happen in the future.

A Bad Person Chapter 94: The One You Love

In a way, it’s a paradoxical decision. You already know it will hurt, but you decide to take that chance because of the potential payoff. We’re doing all this for them- for what? So they can have a long life free from pain? Wouldn’t this be more than worth it if the result was them being happy again? Isn’t that what love is? Sacrificing one’s happiness so another can be happy? Yes, I do think that sounds like love. What would he think about me now? Would he see me as someone who loves him unconditionally or as a foolish girl who couldn’t get over her crush on him and did everything she could to get his attention back? I want him to be happy, even if it means he no longer needs me.

A Bad Person Chapter 94: Dealing With the Consequences

Sadly, dealing with the consequences is often a part of the learning process. And that goes for bullies and victims as well. This was one of those parts of being a human. Every. Single. A person has to go through it at some point in their life. I won’t be left alone with anything but shame forever… there will come a day when I’ll have dealt with this.

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