3a Hair: Everything you need to know

3a Hair

3a Hair, also known as tri-curl Hair, has an S-shaped pattern consisting of tight coils and corkscrew curls that are generally very fine in texture.  It tends to be dense but varies depending on the curl pattern (which can also change). It’s also known to have the 3a curling pattern and tends to be thicker in diameter than 2b hair, but only sometimes by much.

What is 3a Hair?

The 3A pattern is characterized by looser curls and is more defined than Type 4 hair. Curls in this pattern range from a 2 to 4 on the 1-4 scale. This curl pattern has a few S-shaped curls but a soft and wavy texture. The amount of shrinkage is minimal, making it easier to stretch out curls without setting them with gel or cream. This curly Hair is often described as wavy or soft and may feel fragile when wet.

Since It can be so delicate, it’s important to use sulfate-free products that won’t weigh your curls down or cause dryness, leading to breakage. There’s more to hair typing than just 1a, 2b, and 3c—there are five distinct curl types. The trick to determining your hair type is determining which curl pattern you have, not your texture or thickness. Each curl pattern has the defining characteristics that make it unique among the other designs (1a curls tend to clump together, while 2b curls don’t clump at all). The article below explains the many curl patterns you might have and offers suggestions on how to take care of your specific type of 3a Hair.


3A Hair Type: What It Means And How To Tell If You Have It

We offer various Its Type services, including blowouts, deep conditioning treatments, and more. If you’re unsure about your  Type, here’s how to figure it out:

  • Step 1: Curl your Hair with a curling iron or Flexi rod. Your curl should be defined and stick out from the rest of your Hair but not clumped into an obvious ringlet. The ends of your curl should be tapered or slightly curly. 
  • Step 2: Once your curl has cooled, brush it to see if it stays in place or falls out quickly. If you can brush through the entire curl without significant fall-out, you will likely have 3A Hair Type.


Types of the 3A Hair Curl Type

There are the following types of 3A Hair Curl Type: 

  • Straight
  •  Wavy
  •  Curly
  • Coily


Maintenance and Care Tips for 3A Hair

If you have, you know what it is like to be the minority regarding your texture. It can feel isolating, and you may even feel like no one understands what you go through day-to-day. However, many people have this type of curl pattern, so never let that discourage you from finding support! Here are some tips for taking care of your 3A curls:

-Don’t wear tight ponytails or buns, as they will cause breakage and pain. If you want to wear your Hair up, use a loose updo instead.

-Use products made specifically for 3A curls.


How To Take Care Of 3A Type Hair?

3A-type Hair tends to be very straight and wavy. 3A type has a low porosity level, meaning it has a low amount of natural oils. This means your Hair will need more moisture than other curly or wavy hair types. Here are some tips for taking care of 3A-type curls: 

1) Always use the corresponding conditioner to your shampoo when washing your Hair. 

2) If you don’t want to wear your curls out, you can always put them in braids or twists and seal them with coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, or almond oil before bedtime!


The Best Products For 3A Type Hair

There are the following Products For 3A Type Hair:

  • Curl Definer
  • Anti-Frizz Product
  • Leave-In Products
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Refreshers
  • Curl-Type Shampoos And Conditioners


The benefits of 3a Hair

We all want to look and feel our best, and we all have different needs that need to be met. With this, you don’t have to worry about your curls and waves being too loose or too tight because the texture of 3a Hair is perfect for any length of Hair. It’s a versatile curl pattern that can work in short or long distances, meaning you never have to live with frizzy curls again. And the best part? It’s low maintenance! If you’re looking for a new way to care for your curls and waves, try 3a Hair!


How Should You Care for Type 3A Hair?

Type is coarse and tightly coiled with a defined curl pattern. This type of Hair is also resistant to styling, frizzes easily, and tends to be dry or have breakage. Below are some tips for caring for this type of curly mane. 

  • Type 3A curls like moisture, so it’s essential to keep your tresses hydrated by using moisturizing products and deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week. 
  • When it comes time to style your locks, use light-hold gels or creams rather than heavy ones that can weigh down your curls. Lightweight sprays will also help control frizzies and flyaways during humid weather periods.


3 Easy Tips to Achieve the Ideal 3a Hair

The 3A Hair is a curl pattern characterized by tight curls that form in a corkscrew shape. This curl pattern can be found in African American and Caucasian Hair. This particular curl pattern can be challenging to style and maintain, but you can make it easier to manage. 

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